Worker village Crespi d’Adda

Located in Capriate San Gervasio in lower Bergamo, one of the best preserved examples of Workers’ Village in Italy, founded by Cristoforo Benigno Crespi in 1877 It was completed in the late thirties of the twentieth century. Because of its setting and the state of conservation, from 1995 Crespi d’Adda has joined the World Heritage List or the list of goods of humanity protected by UNESCO, as an exceptional example of the phenomenon of workers’ villages, considered the most complete and best preserved in Southern Europe.

The Village of Crespi was a world unto itself, complete and self-sufficient. The workers and their families could find here everything they needed, in the context of a society that with the industrialization witnessed a profound transformation.

The village is still inhabited and can be visited. To visit the entrance of Crespi cotton mill, sheds Factory, the manor house of lords Crespi like a medieval castle, the workers’ houses and villas, the church, the school, places after work, the wash house and the cemetery.

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