In Hills Park, the magnificent Val D’Astino is a valley of great natural beauty surrounded by the hill east of Benaglia, west from the woods dell’Allegrezza, north by the hills of Bastia and San Vigilio and south widens towards the district of Longuelo.

Today, the largest park in the city the Pimp, near the new hospital: it is an area of ​​more than 170.000 mq, a beautiful lake for ten thousand square meters, a meter deep, which reproduces the lake environment, which if they add another by more than 15.000 sq.m.. A huge green lung, a small paradise to serve the city and its inhabitants, changing the idea of ​​urban park where we were so far used, the first link in a chain of “green belt” around the city.

The park Marenzi It is a real jewel. Its walls enclose a fresh oasis of historic trees including some rare large “tassodi” and a small pond that leads to stories of the past. Dream garden, hidden in the heart of the city, Park Caprotti is revealed only to those who can find it, closed as of old buildings and new and where there are only trees in city.

The park Frizzoni, that can be accessed from the courtyard of City Hall, It is the kingdom of younger children, games that are suitable for them in the shade of large trees.One of the great parks of the suburbs: the parco Turani It offers many possibilities for leisure and entertainment, starting with Game Giocagulp. Under the hill of Benaglia, the park via Lochis opened a gash restful green Longuelo toward the horizon of the mountains.

The Citizens Park is another of the great parks peripheral, combining the districts of Loreto and of Longuelo and offers large lawns and shady trees to students from nearby schools. Equipped with games and a picturesque fountain, the linear park Celadina connects the areas north and south of the district and is dedicated to the founder of the scouts Robert Baden Powell.In Bergamo and in the outskirts there are many other parks in addition to those listed above. Are green areas to serve the city and its inhabitants for moments of leisure and relaxation in Bergamo.

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