Places of Faith

The Bergamo is a land for centuries full of great religiosity, a rich historical heritage, artistic and cultural features that also smaller towns. The deep connection with the spirituality that Bergamo and its province testify centuries is evident especially through the presence of numerous shrines (106 only those dedicated to the Virgin Mary), churches and places of worship. Birthplace of the Good Pope, where Pope John XXIII lived for many years, It allows you to travel a route in the places he visited during his youth and early years of priesthood.

Episcopal Seminary John XXIII (1567)
Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli came there as a student and returned to the teacher 1906 al 1914. Seminar dates from 1567 when it was located near the church of S. Pancrazio, in 1572 he was transferred to Seminarino and 1821 moved into the new building on the hill of S. Giovanni. In the 60s it was completely renovated by the will of Pope John.

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
This basilica is the most important Romanesque church in the province of Bergamo, fourteenth-century frescoes inside, paintings, intarsia in wood by Lorenzo Lotto, Tuscan and Flemish tapestries, a wooden confessional by Andrea Fantoni and the tomb of composer Gaetano Donizetti. In Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore Don Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, often he gathered in prayer and celebrated the S. Mass, in the period when it was in service of the Curia Bergamo.

Former Student House
In 1918 It was opened in the Upper Town Student house, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was its manager and later director, He took care of the furnishings, furniture and fit out the inside chapel. Today the building of medieval times once owned by the Curia, It is privately owned.

City Library Angelo Mai
In youth, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was frequent visitor to the Public Library of Bergamo. In 1962 It was dedicated a room in which are kept testimonies through documents, photo, video and artwork, illustrating life, the thought and the pontificate of Pope John XXIII.

Bergamo Cathedral (Cathedral of S. Alessandro)
In Bergamo Cathedral the chapel to the right of the main altar is dedicated to the memory of St. John XXIII. Here we find a relic, three pectoral crosses, an episcopal ring, a gold chalice, the tiara and the coffin in which he was deposed from death to 2000, year of the Beatification. He rests in the crypt Bishop Radini- Germans, of which he was secretary Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli.

Along the Avenue Pope John XXIII in Bergamo Bassa, They are the headquarters of the Eco di Bergamo of which he was a regular contributor and the Congress Centre Giovanni XXIII, Finally, the new hospital is dedicated to him.

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