Valle Brembana

Valle Brembana, reached easily and quickly from Bergamo city, now it offers its visitors the opportunity to choose between many recreational opportunities, fun and wellness, in an environment rich in history, art, traditions and nature, be discovered.

Route in San Pellegrino Terme
San Pellegrino Terme, one of the most popular resorts in the Bergamo, He will enchant you with its natural landscapes and the evocative atmosphere of Belle Epoque ‘900, known and appreciated around the world thanks to its thermal water.

Municipal Casino
A magnificent example of Art Nouveau, the Casino of San Pellegrino Terme is located between 1904 and the 1906 and it is open in July 1907. Built by the architect Romolo Squadrelli, It presents an imposing facade and graceful at the same time, rich stucco, friezes and bas-reliefs. Within the other hand, in a game of allegorical references to the location and properties of its waters, It has developed the theme of “Joie de Vivre”.

Grand Hotel
Opened in summer 1904, the Grand Hotel is, size and monumentality, the best architectural example of San Pellegrino Terme. The facade of the Grand Hotel, Long well 128 meters, It highlights a unique decorative richness that creates a highly suggestive. Inside were present well 250 rooms. Thanks to the renovation of the main facade aesthetic structure today has been restored to its former splendore.Al Grand Hotel also stayed princes and queens: Queen Margherita of Savoy (July 1905), Queen Elena with their children Prince Umberto and Princess Maria (August 1929). The hotel closed its doors in 1979.

Route Wellness
From December 2014 opens in San Pellegrino Terme the new spa QC San Pellegrino Terme. The center offers over 6.000 mq. of well-being among frescos completely restored, columns and ceilings of the early twentieth century and modern architectural and construction design. The thermal path, a rejuvenating experience of panoramic thermal baths, waterfalls toning, saunas, steam bath, salt room, relaxation rooms for moments of total abandonment.

Route between villages and Nature
The Ways and historical Priula Mercatorum, They will take you to historical centers of great charm: the rate of Cornello, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Oneta with the House of Harlequin, Averara with his way Porticata, are just some of the centers that still tell the story of the valley. For lovers of nature and hiking The Path of the Western Orobie, the Flower Trail and the Paths of Water, are just some of the routes that will take you to discover the peaks and of the most authentic of the valley.

Skiing in Valle Brembana
Ski resorts surrounded by nature Orobie: Piazzatorre, Foppolo, Carona, St. Simon and Valtorta- Plans Bobbio are perfect for your day of skiing.
To take the first steps on the snow installations Plans dell’Avaro of Cusio and Over the Hill are for you. One can obviously skip a tasty break in shelters located along the various tracks, to combine sport and entertainment good food Bergamasca.

Bike lane of the valley
The bike path Zogno – Piazza Brembana, designed by the road works sector of the province, It has an overall length of 21 km. The Cycle track crosses from south to north the municipalities of Zogno, San Pellegrino Terme, San Giovanni Bianco, Cameron Corner, Lenna and Piazza Brembana where ends its path, near the square where is located the former railway station of the valley.

The Caves of the Dream
The caves were discovered in April of the Dream 1931. Inside, there are countless examples of sculptural shapes and colors of the concretions and unusual shapes as well as stalactites and stalagmites formed by the passage of time.

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