Seriana valley

Val Seriana and Scalve offer visitors a cultural heritage of great value, testimony of an important past: churches, basilicas and ethnographic museums are scattered throughout.

To visit the historical center of Clusone also orange flag of the Italian Touring Club, It is rich in artistic and cultural, in addition to the most famous monuments, many buildings with remains of frescoes and portals of the XVI and XVII, seventeenth-century houses with arcades, Decoration of facades of four hundred and seven hundred, cloisters of ancient convents, squares features. At the top of Clusone, there are the town hall of the eleventh century with the planetary clock Fanzago, the seventeenth-century Basilica of S. Assumption with beside the famous frescoes of Death Clock on the facade of the Disciplines.

The MAT – Museum Entertainment & Clusone – located in a building of the seventeenth century, It houses a unique collection of clock mechanisms. The Museum organizes guided tours.

Charming medieval recognized among the most beautiful in Italy, famous for centuries for the production of extremely valuable swords, is today also Orange Flag of the TCI. The village of Gromo, thanks to the perfect state of preservation, It offers a fascinating journey through the old town. Here are two important examples of civil architecture: the Municipal Palace of the XV century, which it houses the Museum of the Scrolls and the Eco-Museum and the nature of the thirteenth century Castello Ginami. To visit the church of S. Gregory and the church of fourteenth century.

The MAP – Museum of Weapons and Scrolls of Gromo
MAP The museum preserves the history of the village of Gromo, with testimonies of traditional production and trade of weapons. Keep a private collection of weapons dating from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, including halberds, spade da fante, swords cup, strips and daggers, coltelle with punches of the families of smiths gromesi Chess and Ginami.

Small medieval town of Valle Seriana, it is interesting to visit because it is located along the “Iron street”, the path that the ore was from the quarry to the forges machining.
Here is the METAV – Ethnographic Museum High Valseriana. The museum consists of three exhibition sections inspired by the history of the Valley activities and its people: Spinning and Weaving, Woodcutters and Carbonai and Mines and Miners.

The Mines of Valseriana and Scalve
The Valseriana and Scalve are characterized by a complex geological landscape that favored a major mining activity in the past, only in Italian, the largest field of Italy is located right in Novazza, fraction of Valgoglio.

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