Food and Wine

Are well 70 local products Bergamo in cheese, friends, cluster, cold cuts, olive oil, mushrooms and truffles, flour, vegetables, honey and sweets.

The Bergamo area is known for the production of wines. A production of excellence is represented in particular by the Valcalepio DOC red and white symbolized dall’effige Colleoni, protected by the homonymous Consortium and the Moscato DOCG Scanzo.

Undisputed protagonists of the Bergamo cheeses, whose production has an important role in the valleys. Today the Bergamo area ranks first in Italy for number of PDO cheeses, are well- 9 far from Bergamo cheeses that have earned the recognition of protected designation of origin (DOP).

The meats and sausages typical of the Bergamo are among the best, between these: the sausage, bacon, the salami, Lard and Sausage, all marked with a specific label.

Dish par excellence the “Casonsei” Casoncelli prepared with fresh pasta and meat filling, undoubtedly the most famous and appreciated dish Bergamo with polenta, “Scarpinocc” typical dish Parre in Val Seriana, ravioli stuffed with cheese made thin, eggs, butter, bread crumbs and spices. Polenta was for centuries the dish a staple food in Bergamo, often dish on the table of the peasant families of the plain and the valleys. Basic ingredient is flour coveted Bergamo obtained exclusively from varieties of corn or glassy semivitrei cultivated in the province of Bergamo. The porridge made from this flour has a deep yellow color, Big yields and intense. Polenta Taragna is an enriched version that sees the addition of butter and alpine cheese like branzi, bitto or formai de mut.

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