Discovering Bergamo


At the foot of the walls it covers the lower town, Modern Bergamo yet rich in history that is expressed through the many historic towns, museums, artistic masterpieces, palaces and treasures of sacred art.

The Accademia Carrara is one of the most important art galleries in Italy, Italian is the only museum that contains important donations from private collectors.

Established in 2004, is a stage dedicated in particular to the great musicals, cabaret shows, concerts and conferences.

In the ancient Sant’Alessandro Fair is the Donizetti Theatre, renowned stage, named after the great composer in 1897 and built to mark the centenary of his birth. The Donizetti Theatre is part of the narrow view of the opera houses of tradition and has always stood out for its opera productions.

Inaugurated in 1991, GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo is one of the centers of excellence of Northern Italy.

CENTER Piacentini
The center is built around the Sentierone, squares Matteotti, Vittorio Veneto and Dante, realized by 1914 designed by Marcello Piacentini. Built in the Sant’Alessandro Fair, one of the oldest in Italy linking the historic towns Pignolo and S. Leonardo and where you can admire the Santi Bartolomeo e Stefano.

Along the Borgo Pignolo is the Museo Adriano Bernareggi, Diocesan Museum which houses the Trinity Renaissance painter Lorenzo Lotto, and a rich collection of works of religious art.

It is located in the oldest rooms homonymous Monastery that houses. Open to the public since May 2000, the museum “Mother of the Lord” It is an artistic jewel that preserves and exhibits permanently a rare series of frescoes of the oldest in the region, from the same monastery that houses.

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